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Our Services

Let us help you make your dreams a reality. 


Turn Key Finish

We offer full turn key finish drive away tiny homes, fully customisable up until start date. Send us a message to get your design started today.


Shell's are a great option for people that want to have a go at building the interior of your new home without having to worry about the structural integrity of which a tiny house on wheels needs to be built at to withstand the elements of the open road. 

Off Grid

Have you ever dreamed of not having to pay an electricity bill again? Well now you can make that dream a reality with options to take your tiny fully off grid. View our off grid tiny house for sale Australia here.


We believe when living in a small space you shouldn't have to deal with toxin's that most 'normal' building materials contain leaking around you as you sleep. Click for more info.

Every client that Stay Tiny Co builds for gets to choose one of our supported charities. We believe in giving back to the environment.
Click to see charities and details.

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