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Stay Tiny Co is a family run business based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, with Australia-Wide deliveries. With 48 years of experience in the building industry between us we decided to put our passion for tiny homes and unique ideas together to create more affordable housing, while also lowering our environmental footprint by using sustainable materials and practises. 



Going tiny can be a great option for almost anyone. It can be used to permanently live in, a weekender, a granny flat, a man cave/she shed or even as a form of income through BnB/other. With housing prices increasing a Tiny is an affordable option for someone who would still like to design and watch their home come to life without spending hundreds of thousands.

Buying a house can be a big decision as it locks you into that location; though with a Tiny you can bring it with you anywhere in Australia! And we offer Australia-wide delivery. We can help you own your dream Tiny: you're welcome to work with us to create plans and custom design your own home.


At Stay Tiny Co we strive to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Materials we use are cruelty free, low to no VOC* and low-no formaldehyde glues. We work with you to build your home within your budget and time frame to the best of our ability.

Want to go off-grid? Great, as Stay Tiny Co home's have the option to go fully off-grid 

See FAQ below for more info.


Do I need council approval for my Tiny?
Our THOW’s (Tiny House On Wheels) are classed as “Caravans” and do not require council approval. They will come with a VIN number that is registered with the QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads. For our cabins please get in contact with your desired location and we can help with any council related questions.


How do I connect to services?
As standard, our Tiny's will come with full solar set up. If you would prefer, we can run the Tiny on 15amp mains power with a switchboard. You can simply plug in an electrical power lead just like a caravan. With water, you can simply plug in with a standard garden hose connection! Other options include rainwater storage tanks, pumps and gutter systems. We have options for induction hot plates, or if you would prefer gas, we can set up our bio-gas system. Another option is to have a gas regulator that takes regular barbecue LPG gas bottles. Connection can be done by anyone, just like connecting the gas bottle to a barbecue.


Do you offer off-grid solutions?

Yes. We offer all your off-grid desires with solar system packages, an array of composting toilet options, bio-gas and/or solar water heating system and bio-gas appliances, rainwater storage, pumps and water filters. 


Do you sell Partly built shells or Lockup stage houses?
Yes. If desired we can build your Tiny up to lock-up stage. That way you can personally finish off your home yourself. We can offer some tips and tricks if you decide to go this way to help you finish off your Tiny the best it can possibly be.

How much is required for a deposit?

After discussions about what type of Tiny you would like, we require just $20,000 deposit to start your build. The rest will be required as different stages are completed. Such as lock-up stage, fit-out Etc.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We offer Australia-wide delivery. Please get in contact for a quote.




To have a chat about what you are after, or any questions, please call: Scott: 0475 194 130,
Mitch: 0422 542 906 or fill out the form below.


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