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Creating affordable housing while using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.



The Sustainable Tiny House Specialists

Stay Tiny Co are Tiny House builders based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We are passionate about building healthy, sustainable and toxic-free tiny homes.

Why Choose Stay Tiny Co as your Tiny House builders?

At Stay Tiny Co we strive to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Materials we use are non toxic, cruelty free, low to no VOC and low-no formaldehyde glues. 

Going tiny can be a great option for almost anyone. It can be used to permanently live in, a weekender, a granny flat, a man cave/she shed or even as a form of income through BnB/other. With housing prices increasing a Tiny house is an affordable option for someone who would still like to design and watch their home come to life without spending hundreds of thousands.

Buying a house can be a big decision as it locks you into that location; though with a Tiny house you can bring it with you anywhere in Australia! And we offer Australia-wide delivery. We can help you own your dream Tiny house: you're welcome to work with us as your tiny house builder to create plans and custom design your own home.

Our Services Include

Tiny House Shells

Complete Builds


If you have ever dreamed about living in a Tiny House or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Fill out the form, or call us to get started on your free proposal.
Built on the Sunshine Coast, delivered Australia-Wide.



Peachester, QLD 4519 Australia

0488 891 452

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